Missed day Writing habit

Donation to the World Wildlife Fund

Missed a day of writing as per my rules — even if not entirely because I worked on The Social Dilemma article, but it doesn’t matter.

Here is a backdated donation for the WWF. Their mission is to preserve habitats, wildlife species, and stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment.

Missed day Writing habit

Supporting AIL

Backdated donation for missing a day. Alice, a friend, was doing a fundraiser for her birthday, and I had to contribute! ❤️

Typically I won’t publish donations, but I think it’s for a good cause.

The AIL is an Italian non-profit organization that promotes and supports research against blood diseases. The acronym stands for “Associazione Italiana contro le leucemie-linfomi e mieloma”, which should translate as Italian Association against Leukemia-lymphomas and myeloma.

Missed day Writing habit

Time to pay for these missed days

I’ve missed three days of my writing routine due to the work trip (read more about my concerns).

I didn’t know if I would have time or not (reveal: I didn’t).

As per my commitment, then I should pay a few bucks for every day I miss.

I know I slept so little, and the camp schedule was full so that I even justify myself. But I’m not attempting to find excuses here.

Thus, I’ve come up with the idea to pay a few bucks anyway.

Yesterday I came across Paul Grisel‘s new startup, Plant My Forest.

Paul’s idea is excellent. Therefore I decided to support his journey as a creator and bought 30 trees. YAY!

Plant my forest receipt, 30x trees planted.

Please note this is a backdated post.